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That is an excellent question to ask an artist. I’ll let the artists to tell you. I have done a dozen of them. In this section I’ll try to give you some sketches and a few lines to sketch out, with only a few lines to actually write. I would suggest that you do two lines with what you have so far, in order to write the second one. Also, be honest with yourself. There are a lot of elements that are too big, too small, too complex for a single line. Take your time with it to get good at it, and you’ll get to use more lines in the future! Don’t let it get to you though, because you won’t get to it in time with one line.

The US government’s new cybersecurity rules were expected to be released on Sept. 16, but US House Speaker Paul Ryan said they will be delayed until later in the year.

“A House floor vote on the cybersecurity framework issued Thursday is still scheduled for Sept. 16. We will continue to work with the Administration toward a bill that provides the most effective federal cyber protection in a digital age,” Ryan’s spokesperson said in a statement to Business Insider.

The delay “calls into question whether the Administration will be able to deliver,” John Czwartacki, chief executive of cybersecurity firm FireEye and an expert on cybersecurity issues, told Bloomberg. “If so, it would appear that all of these steps will be insufficient.”

A leaked document released during a National Security Agency hack showed that the agency has been using its data mining capabilities to spy on the communications of hundreds of journalists as well as lawmakers and government contractors throughout the United States, including Republican members of Congress.

The leak also showed that the NSA is trying to use its hacking capabilities to infiltrate Apple’s iPhones so that its cyber intrusions can be used by the agency to unlock the phone.

The House approved the framework late Wednesday night.

The last day this month’s “The Best & Worst of 2014” polls will be published, as of today. If you’re a member of our group and not using Facebook’s new “Like” button, here are other choices you shouldn’t be passing up.

If you’re not currently a member of our group, check out “Who are you voting for?” and “What is your favorite music video of 2014.”

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