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What makes this a person you are? Are you a good or bad friend? Are you intelligent or stupid? Is your life boring or interesting? Maybe someone will look at these traits and use them to make an interesting profile. That’s how we make the world. Maybe someone will look for traits to describe people and not necessarily their friends. This is how we make this whole internet thing work, but I’m not the only one.

Bagged Truck by NathanMillerCarArt on DeviantArt
You can see this here:

What does this say about you? I know there are a lot of good and bad points to having a profile, but maybe a good place to look would be to see the traits and their meaning from a purely sociological perspective, maybe you can put them out there in the open and maybe one day someone who really wants to know you will see it? If you do that, maybe you can be that person who knows who you are.

What do you think?

[EDIT – added a comment from the reddit user who posted it. It’s worth reading, if you’re interested. It basically says some interesting things about our society.]

We had a rough few years with our relationship with the FBI. I was worried, on several occasions, that we would be sued by them because of certain posts. We even had a lawyer who was willing to take a case. The real problem here is that the FBI and NSA can sue you if they decide they wish. For us, that would be in 2012-ish. Our legal team was also concerned, but was told by the FBI not to pursue it.

I have never had a problem with the FBI over privacy in particular. I can only speak from experience — I’ve been a private citizen, but even I know what it’s like to have to worry about the government monitoring everyone. I’ve never felt they’re too intrusive, and I’m not sure we’d be as protected as you may believe. But there were a few things I thought could be done that could help ease their stinginess.

I’d say, give up your social media accounts

I was worried about it before I got married, but after I got married, we started using Facebook and Twitter more. I started writing about some of my fears, and it made me feel like we had some traction. It brought new awareness of what we had to deal with. I remember when the news came that they were using information in the NSA that was gathered by tapping in to the fiber cables into the internet as

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