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I think about how I want to look. And I have to take into account what makes me happy and happy things.

In most people there is this belief that you must make up lips to make their lips more realistic.

Yes! I would say it’s part of being a human. But I’d also say that some people are just naturally born with a look and it’s not a bad thing if you have that look. It’s just that your natural lip shapes are a little different.

You know how in a video you say that some women aren’t really happy with how their bodies look?

What was that?

Oh, yeah.

And what you want is to be your own person.

What I would do is to change my body. Maybe I could try to have a body that would give myself that feeling of happiness. But in the meantime I would change my face, get a more beautiful complexion!

You don’t want to get surgery?

That’s not exactly my style as well. My style is to do it naturally.

That’s very interesting… Because I was talking about something that’s not something that anyone wants to do.

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Do you mind if I ask if you have done it?


Just like I didn’t want to eat any animal products and I’ve never smoked but…

What do you do?

I don’t eat meat.

When you were eating bacon you felt sad?


If you’re talking about your appearance, your eyebrows… you know, just the way they are.

When you look your face, you don’t think about the fact that it’s beautiful or that someone looks at you differently as a person. I always have a positive attitude. I make my own appearance. I don’t worry about what people’s judgment is. And it’s a matter of my feeling. Whether people like it or not I’d like them to be happy. I make an effort to get a good impression on people and it would be selfish not to do that.

Are you always happy?

Every day would be different. I’ve said what’s best for me but that doesn’t mean that it would be best for them. It’s difficult to predict people’s moods in the future so I’ve taken to always being kind, caring, but not so much about the person. I try to take a different attitude than

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