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How do you draw breasts? How do you draw a tongue?” he demanded, and if they were not at home, he told them he could not see them.

We were not amused. This one man had not had a day off in three months. His only work was to make the most offensive face that a man could put on at his age. “What is your business?”

“I want to keep the children,” I reminded him.

“Do what you want,” he growled. And I was left standing there, staring at him as he turned his back on me, as the first part of his face turned green, and the last part turned crimson.

He walked out the door. I could see his eyes turn to the building, then he turned back. He walked along the sidewalk and came to me, still half turned around. His mouth twisted into a grim smile and that was the last that we saw for a while.

Two weeks later the city of Chicago shut the city down and we moved back onto my little farm. I spent much of my time tending hogs, chickens, cattle, ducks, geese, and all the small animals I could catch with a fishing pole. It was the first time I had ever hunted. And it was a very enjoyable hunting pastime.

We’d begun to think about building a camp, but then a man came to my door.

“Hello, Miss Kite, I just came down to ask if you could help him move his car and my things.”

“Oh… Yes, I can,” I said.

“Well, I need some men to help him carry our things and I need some women to help me move, because I’m not really married,” he said.

We began to discuss my options. Eventually we found a small, quaint cottage in the woods that was just a half mile from where we lived. The cottage was small and quaint, and had a view that was a perfect circle. I had a woodburning stove and a beautiful view of the pond and lake.

I’d done some thinking and the cottage fit the bill. It would be small and simple enough to be comfortable for one person. I had two large huts on the property, one for my men and one for me. The large stone building made it a bit more of a camphouse.

“I’ll need some men,” he said and we discussed it briefly. I could see

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