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If you didn’t already figure it out, it’s a pretty tricky thing to grasp when it comes to cartoon characters. But as I mentioned, this is one of those subjects that is quite tricky to do right.

Lip, lips, lips

Lip drawing can easily seem a bit daunting to someone who’s never done it before. There are so many features you need to consider. Here are some of the basic parts of drawing lips, for anyone who ever tried drawing lips before.

How do I draw a “dramatic” mouth?

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As a rule, when you’re drawing a face, all lips should be held with their lips apart and the base of the tongue should be bent slightly. If they are not, you could end up with “dramatic,” or “bad,” mouth. And what you’re really looking for is to draw a shape that makes more sense than, say, “smoothing” a mouth by putting the bottom of the lips at an angle.

What are the differences between a “normal” mouth that’s straight, “drooped,” or a “folded”?

When drawing a face, you can either have the mouth on the top, or the mouth on the bottom. With most kids, their mouths will be on the top. When they’re old enough, they may want to try to draw the bottom of their mouths.

What are the best places for an eyebrow?

Just like in a photograph, people may be able to see exactly how big the eyebrow is with a single look at their face. But if what you want to focus on is the shape of the lips, you don’t have much choice but to do what the professionals do: stick your thumbs in your mouth and put the base of the eyebrow where the base of the tongue is. Then, you can draw a line along the top of your nose.

Should you draw the lips in the same direction as the tongue?

If you want to draw a “curve”—for instance, by drawing the tongue as an arc—you should draw the uppermost part of your tongue where the base of the tongue has a bend, like a curve of a violin or a bow. Otherwise, stick to drawing it the opposite way.

What are the different “lip shapes” for children?

The two styles I mentioned in the beginning of the post, “How the Best Children’s Lip Drawing Is Done,” look very different.

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