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What happens to my own skin when I’m going outside?

How does my body feel when I’m taking a shower or wearing some clothing that’s made of wool?

How do I draw and create new body shapes when I’m making my own body?

How do I get rid of my wrinkles?

How do I look when I’m working on a body with curves?

Should I be bald?

Can I have tattoos?

What if I’ve had a hysterectomy or I’ve had a mastectomy?

What if I’m having chest surgery and I have tattoos?

What about my tattoos?

Who should I contact to get body art lessons?

What are some tattooing services?

How should I handle post-art body art or skin work?

What type of tattooing and body work should I do?

Where should I see more body art?

What types of tattoos? When? How? Why?

If I’m going to be tattooed and it doesn’t fit the rest of me, what should I do?

When should I get body art?

How can I get tattoo done?

Where does the tattoo have to be done?

How do I get the tattoo?

What type of tattoo will you do?

What do I say to cover my body when I go to see my doctor?

How will tattoos affect me if I get the type I want?

How do I get rid of the tattoos?

What is tattoos and why does it matter? What are the risks? What if I’m just getting rid of a bad scar? Does it affect my life? Why does it matter?

How is tattoos different from body art?

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My body is different from others…should I keep them?

Is it okay for someone to have tattoos?

Tattoo art isn’t all negative.

What if I like tattoos?

What types of tattoos are popular?

Does art go bad?

What if a woman can’t stop wearing her bikini…should she stop getting tattoos and body art too?

How should I dress for body art?

Why do I need body art to look a certain way?

When should I take off my clothes?

How do I get my hands to look like nails?

How do

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