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I use the same hand technique on my sketchbooks to draw out images, not to draw out an imaginary turtle. That was another question, how do I draw an abstract image, with the idea that it would be a representation of things that are happening to other things in this process. That’s always the most productive thing to me, to sketch a little bit of the way through and have it be a representation of the way things are. There’s other ways too like making drawings out of things as you would sketches of pencil sketches of pencil drawings. And of course the way I’ve done it now is just drawing them out on your page. You can’t really see what’s going on. They are just things.

So does that mean drawing something out on paper is more accurate than drawing with paint and markers?

Well, actually, maybe. Not necessarily, but there’s a reason that I use the same technique and the same medium—pencils—in sketchbooks. That medium is very accurate, very fast, and so it’s useful for sketching and drawing things that would be impossible and almost impossible to draw or paint with on a large scale, in a way.

In a recent essay on the New Statesman, the philosopher Nick Bostrom (who also writes as Nick Bostrom) declared that the greatest risk our species faces is the possibility that the world isn’t evolving very fast, and that we are heading for a series of human extinction events. He writes,

A future in which we are no longer a diverse species is extremely dangerous. But it must come about in some way. Our extinction seems inevitable, and the only option to delay it is for the human species to adapt to the future, or to learn how not to do it. But in practice, it is highly unlikely that humans will actually adapt to the future without some sort of help. This is because the evolutionary process that we live through is not simply an evolutionary process; it is a process that has a large component of luck. For this reason, if everything goes wrong the species in the future will have much fewer opportunities to become new species, because it is unlikely that our biology will actually change. If, on the other hand, the future were to resemble the present, there is a good chance that individuals living during the future would do very well indeed, for they would be well adapted to their conditions.

In other words, if we don’t become a new species, then the next wave of human

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