How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – Draw Car Tutorial

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One of my favorite ways to draw him is to take some watercolor pencils and draw it as if he was a turtle:

And here’s some more:

Did you love Franklin the turtle? How did it inspire you to take up watercolor pencils?

If you want to try out these other watercolor techniques, check out:

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A large majority of Americans (67%) support a law that would prevent states from changing their public school grading system without going through a public vote.

Forty-two percent oppose the idea.

The poll of 1,002 adults, conducted in May, suggests that there was not a big surge at the state or local level in support of reform, since some polls have suggested similar support in previous years.

But the public was broadly supportive of reforms introduced into the nation’s public school systems starting in 2004, including school grading system reforms that are now the law of the land.
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Most Americans agree that the current system of giving school grades is unfair and not fair to students.

For example, about six in ten Americans (59%) believe that students receive an average of 5.0 points in each state’s public school grade, and fewer than four in ten believe it is 4.0 points, according to the new poll.

Half of Americans (50%) believe that students who receive a high school diploma or equivalent from a state university have a better chance of graduating than those who graduate from community colleges and four-year colleges, according to the new poll.

Most people (56%) believe that public schools should give students more guidance in the grades they receive than they do now.

As of mid-2009, 57% of Americans thought public schools should be more helpful to low-income students than they were in the past. Currently, only 37% think so. Another 29% are unsure or say they are not sure.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans (74%) believe that school grading is too easy for students to obtain high school credit for. About one-third (35%) see it as too hard and 17% say they are not sure.

The percentage of Americans who say the system of student debt is unfair has plummeted to 13 percent, down from 50 percent when the federal government created the Student Loan Program that now dominates the country’s student loan debt

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