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It’s all about the story line. How did you come up with the characters?

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You’ll see the characters in a little over four seconds.

Where were you at the beginning?

I’d been drawing for a long time. It was when I started using pencils it was different. I used two colors. A dark blue one, then I used one color to start and the other color as he sort of became as a big character, as a central focus for me. It wasn’t so much about me as it was who he was to me.

“How did a comic book designer find a role like this?”

When I started, I worked at Marvel Comics and they wanted to get me for design. So I went to New York, where they wanted me and I met with Marvel editor-in-chief Mike Zeck. He said, “What do you like? What do you like?” And I explained my work and he was so excited to see me. And I was doing design stuff and he said, “Oh, you’re doing some design work for Marvel?” And I said, “Yes, I’m working on design for Marvel.” He was so excited. I’m glad I didn’t tell him that I was drawing comics.

And he had such a nice attitude, it’s hard not to enjoy this. And he said, “You were right, this is going to be a great job.” I had a lot of respect for him and he’s such a good man.

I’m thinking about why you chose the design for Franklin. What did you go for there?

When I thought about Franklin it was in the first volume you see him in his little prison cell from issue one. He’s the little boy, he’s lost his way in life, he feels alone — but he has a friend. This friend had gone to New York to do some work and had come back to New Jersey and was looking to come back to his home. And he was doing it because he was in love with this woman, and his best friend had moved on. And they were starting a family. And I thought about all these characters in my head about my own story, but the character that was best for everyone around him was Franklin. I didn’t need to do anything at all. And I remember I read a letter a lot; it was a lot like me. It was from a kid trying to get me to draw a character who would

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