How do you draw faces? – How To Draw Kitt Car Easy

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By tracing a cross-section of a human face.

It is a tricky process. The skin’s shape is determined through the way light bounces off the surface. There are two types of light reflections.

Some of them go off in straight lines. But others go off one way and bounce back in completely different directions. So it’s important to work out how each pattern will affect the pattern of reflected light.

There are a couple of things that make light reflection such a crucial tool. It gives you an idea of how much light hits the surface because it is shaped out of two reflections. And it lets you see the pattern of light that is reflected.

You can draw a face by tracing a cross section of a human face. But that is not the only method.

If you want to draw an image that shows a face from above, go to The New Yorker’s image gallery and search for the face image that most matches the image you want to draw. You will find a variety of examples — like a portrait of Marilyn Monroe or an image of someone else.

Once you have the face you want to draw, use a pen or pencil to sketch the features, the lines, and all the angles.

There are also guides that make this procedure much easier — but you will have to know what guides are. If you use a pencil, you can trace any of the lines with a marker. If you use a marker, you can draw any part of the face without going over the lines, as I did to draw Marilyn Monroe’s face.

So there you have it — the process of looking at a human face as a drawing.

In my view, that is an essential part of creating art — you study it to become a better artist.

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