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How do people really look on the planet? I find that very important, and I think when you have an ability to do that, it goes a long way.

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When you’re painting for the first time, or writing a novel, or even sketching, what does it feel like? What is it like to create art that’s completely different from what you’re used to, and it’s something that you’re really drawn to?

It’s like the idea of the first day of school. Where you go and you find your art class filled with the same people and the same concepts, and you know that at some point after the first day there’ll be a change that you all have to undergo. A certain type of art makes people uncomfortable; you can always find a new type of art that makes people uncomfortable, but there’s no guarantee that it will do the trick, but it has to have something to offer, and that means making something that gives us the opportunity to be exposed to something different. People who know how to say a word are, in some respects, slightly better. But you can’t really create the same type of art unless you’re in the same environment as someone else.

When did you start doing your own paintings?

I think I started painting in high school. I’ve always had a pretty sketchy hand and just liked the idea of painting. I did some painting in college at an art school, but I wasn’t getting very good results. Eventually, I started to look more closely at what I was doing and realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere; I had to do something else. The more I looked at it, the more I decided that this was what it was. I didn’t do paintings in high school, but now I’m working on my own. It’s much quicker than getting started with art school, much quicker than studying. And it gives me the kind of freedom I wanted to have but didn’t have the opportunity to have.

Do you think there’s a difference between working in the field of art and working in an art studio or studio?

There’s no difference, really. It’s a completely different world, but it’s a very rewarding one. In high school you do the same things over and over again. You’ve got a pretty good idea about where you want to go. And after a while, you find out that you want to learn more and you start looking into other options. There’s nothing wrong with that, and

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