How do you draw faces? – Drawing A Car In One Point Perspective

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“What I can do is work a computer system to recognize the structure of a face, and then I can make what I call ‘faces’ from the face itself,” she says.

Image: Shutterstock / Daniel Zuchnik

This might sound strange, but her algorithms are actually simple:

You just add the number of features and how big they are to a picture and the algorithm does the rest. She says it’s like a face itself — you just feed it a series of things and that will build the face, and the face then just looks up and says, “Oh, yes, I’m you. I’m alive.”

She has plenty of experiences with her creations, and not surprisingly, they work. Most of the time, this seems to be because the picture it draws on its computer is what someone would see on their own, in their head.

“In the real world everything will be a little different. There will probably be different angles, a different perspective on different things, that can all cause things to look different that you might not have noticed otherwise.”

But, this isn’t just a visual effect: If you look closely, what she’s doing is essentially looking at the information being sent from our eyes to our brain to generate a picture.

It works like this: When your eyeballs open and close, you start to see the light coming in and the light going out, which in turn moves your pupil’s size, making the light that gets in your eye, and can potentially damage your eyes. This causes a blur to appear on the image.

It also affects the way our eyes recognize colors — it changes the way colors look based on the color of the light.

With it, the light that comes in can change what colors are coming out, making it a little easier to see and also easier to see what’s going on in front of you at the same time.

It does all this without the blurry, indistinct images that most people encounter.

“You’ll see something for five seconds but then it will look the same as the rest of the world,” says Zuchnik.

“It’s like the difference between seeing different colors and being aware of the color.”

Image: Shutterstock / Daniel Zuchnik

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