How do you draw faces? – Car Drawings

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There are lots of ways it can be drawn: You can create a grid, draw lines on the paper, put a dot in the center, or anything you can do manually. The one thing I really love about pen and paper, is that it’s super easy to draw faces on it. Because you have a grid of points, you only have to draw them once. It’s really nice.

How many different styles of lines are there in the book?

There’s five different styles in each section (from bottom to top): Straight, Dotted, Squared, Dotted with arrows, and a combination of the two. And then the top section has a bunch of different variations (two different styles of curved lines, different styles of squares, etc.), such as circular, oblong, and square shape.

The book was kind of a gift for friends and family; what’s the best thing to say about them?

The best thing to say is, yeah, a lot of people loved it. There’s people I’m in contact with now, people who have read The Book Before Me, that just can’t stop saying how much they loved it, so thanks guys!

What was your favorite question in the book?

I actually don’t do this, but for the fun of it: I’d like to go on record and say that the question of how many layers are there in the digital universe is one of my most burning questions: the more layers, the less space there is that you can move/scale/etc., and the smaller the spaceships in the digital universe the less likely they are to be believable. So I think I’m pretty lucky that a bunch of people seem to know the answer to that question and I’m kinda glad there is a way to make it pretty easy to answer. So that question, I’m not sure that was answered at all!

Thanks K-P.

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