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• When I was painting the interior of a Porsche (I did the interior of some Bentleys too) I put a few little pieces of fiberglass in to fill in some missing parts, I would use the paper or something from the model kit to draw the pieces. It worked better and quicker than trying to draw in the resin.

• Another thing I would find to do is draw the parts with a small roller on a piece of paper which I use to draw the detail on the paper.

• I did a bit of research on how to paint the wheels, but I found lots of pictures on my computer with some very basic instructions on how to add detail on each wheel. These showed the best results for the most amount of time. There was one particular wheel that was made with a white wax mixture and I had to sand it down with a steel pin sander (you can use your hand nail if you want to try it).

• When I wanted the wheel to have a bit more depth or a bump on the back of the wheel I would put the parts with the wax on top of the tire and roll over them a couple of times on the surface. You can also do this using a roller if you would like, but I find it easier to use my hand nail.

• My favorite thing was to use a thin piece of fiberglass, which we scraped out with a piece of wire, and then place that over all the pieces, lay them on the wheel, and roll it down on the tire. We made that up by looking at photographs and cutting thin pieces to go on the wheel.

• When I finished the model I would paint each bit of wood with the clear color(it wasn’t until the last step that I learned a little more about how to paint plastic wood) and then re-assemble the wheel.

• My favorite trick has been to use paint brushes to do a small “filler” to the wheel, then take away the brush and re-apply the paint that it just filled in. The trick only works with vinyl/glass/etc. (but it’s the most “use and enjoy” way I have learned.)

TIP 1 – Keep the wheel clean and dry

TIP 2 – Make sure the wheels fit properly. I find it important to fit the wheels properly so the tread won’t rub between the tire and the tread. You may need some help with that.


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