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With such a large object, it must weigh a fair bit, right? So that should give you an idea how heavy it would be in relation to the building.

I did a simple simulation which is quite interesting, since you never know what your drawing will do when you turn around and it is in an unknown orientation, or when you have to rotate and translate to a desired perspective.

In this case I simulated the same load of a truck that it would be to move it through a room in 3D. This is a 1:3 scale, which means that you can only draw one part of the frame in a plane. This is why the model is also 3D, as the entire load is rendered into a single surface.

The 3D plane is rotated to a horizontal position 90 degrees as you can see in the screenshot. The simulation is very similar to a simple 3D truck model (and to the simplified 3D truck I made the day before). If I add another object that is larger than the truck in the scene, it will be pulled in and the truck will not be able to move. This is because they are just too big in relation to the load.

The simulation is then paused and we then render the loading of the object as a solid plane. This is another problem, because we don’t know how much the 3D model weighs, so we have to use the surface normal to calculate the load. This means that if we make a load smaller, it would take up more space than if we are slightly more loaded.

This is the final result:

Here we see the truck loaded while not moving. I think it is nice to be able to see the difference between a load that is not rotating as it arrives at its destination and a load that is still rotating (since we just made a load larger by adding another object). What’s interesting is that it is impossible to have the truck move while it is not moving when your computer is not on a stable surface. You can see the difference in the distance between the truck and the ground, but because the truck is tilted, its path is curved. This causes the load that is being brought in to pass over both objects, then turn around to get back to the front of the truck. It’s a subtle movement of the model, but still interesting.

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