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We wanted to make a piece of art that was just as exciting as the cars we were running off of. We wanted it to be a piece of art. We didn’t want it to be a vehicle. It should look like a truck. The piece that we made was a tank. But I think the truck piece was what made the piece really cool. The way the lines were drawn in the tank and the way it was drawn out in the piece is just as impressive as the thing itself. The whole thing is just spectacular.

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Where the truck came from

I had always wanted a piece of art that was just as exciting as a truck. And I really wanted that to be done with a truck I could make. There was no place I wanted to start with my truck. The one place I tried, which is why I chose this truck, was the back of one of the trailers. It was just this huge thing. It was big enough to fit a truck inside of it.

So, I tried to get up a ladder on it before that. But I couldn’t really get it up to the ceiling.
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I wanted a very simple truck. I went to bed that night and started drawing. I had this idea of pulling down the truck. It would look amazing. I started thinking about what a really big truck should look and the best way I could find to do that was to make a truck and put a tractor on it.

The tractor is a little bit different than the one in the first movie. A really long piece of metal. I wanted something a little more mobile. It was still a big truck though. I think that’s why the trailer had to be this big piece of wood. That would have been so cool. I also liked the idea of pulling it forward in a long piece of wood.

They’re the same size – if you look at the first one’s trailer, that was pretty long.

But the trailer’s in the back. So you’re still running on the rear in an SUV or an RV. I just thought it’d be funny to put it on the back.

How did you design this truck? (It was actually a prop tractor the first time I saw it.)

My art director and an assistant created this tractor in the trailer. They built a bunch of pieces and mounted them on it; then

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