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What does it look like? If you want to know, you have to find a picture.

As the name suggests, this is a basic draw.

I use the first five, but the rest are up to you.

Draw the first button to the left, then the second (for the bolt), third (for firing), fourth (for aiming), fifth (for reloading), and sixth button (for locking the barrel and the trigger). Do not worry too much about the seventh button, as it isn’t used as often (it’s not used at all). I use the bottom left (the bottom button) for the firing pin, bottom right for firing safety, and top (the bottom button) for slide stop.

If you look down, you will see that there is a little hole where the action screws into the receiver. That is where you have to remove the action.

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The other button is the firing pin. The firing pin is your primary tool for shooting this thing.

Start by removing the top three screws. Make sure they are loose, then loosen them to get the firing pin from its housing. Take care not to twist the firing pin, as this could jam the gun.

The firing pins are all the same size and shape, so to remove them, you’ll need to twist the firing pin until it pops free. Use the included spring to ensure that it goes all the way out. The spring will pull on the firing pin a bit. I do not recommend that you use the supplied spring. It doesn’t work well, and it’s probably not long enough either. You must use the two provided spacers on the firing pin.

If you want to remove everything (and get the action cleaned), remove the four screws at the base (where the action screws into the receiver). They should be pushed all the way out. Then un-stick the front sight, slide it out of its place, and remove the front sight assembly.

Once the first three screws are removed, move the bolt to the front, and then remove the rear trigger (the one attached near the rear sight).

The first thing we’ll do is remove the front sight with a long flat piece of metal known as the sear.

Hold the firing pin in between the front sight rails. Using the pin, push the sights out about 1/2 a turn to the right. Take care not to damage the front sight.

Next, remove the bolt

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