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“You just draw the gun. It moves with you,” explained James Cameron , the director of the Terminator franchise. “It’s very straightforward.”

“And the reason the hand-to-hand combat is so good is they’ll never stop moving,” said Cameron, also the co-creator of Avatar , the most popular film of all time. “That action is always moving. They are always moving, and your arm is moving. They are going to come all the way up for a hit. So when you have the gun moving, I have no control over it. So if you’re fighting a robot, you have a weapon with you, but you are moving, and you are being hit.”

Here is what actually happens in the movie (click to see the full video):

1. The Terminator comes up to you and begins his assault (see his pose);

2. He aims his gun at you, in front of your face, but he doesn’t really pull the trigger. You’re not able to pull the trigger, however; it doesn’t move.

3. Then the robot comes up to you.

4. The Terminator, realizing the gun is still behind your head, takes off.

5. He heads for you, with his laser-sharp robot axe ready for your head.

6. But, again, you are not in control.

7. He runs as fast as he can, but has one arm in the air, keeping you in the way. It’s just not realistic for the Terminator to be able to run so quickly.

8. When you see his hand in the air, what you realize is that you can shoot him back with the rest of your pistol at the same time. He can turn to you, grab you, and throw you.

9. When he finally reaches you, you reach your pistol out to shoot him.

10. Your gun is stuck, and your robot axe is a few feet away. Then you reach back for your gun.

11. He catches the axe arm in his teeth, and pulls you back. But he is too fast and too strong–and that arm is too well-positioned, so he knocks you backward.

12. He hits you again. You are knocked from the robot arm by the falling axe. You get up. You grab your pistol.

13. He gets up and starts hitting you again.

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