How do you draw a race car? – How To Draw Cars With Solidworks Tutorials

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A car is a car, a race car is a race car, and a race car is a race car!” So my idea was to take that and turn and say ‘Here’s how you really like to drive a race car — that sounds really cool, but it’s kind of weird and weird and weird.’ So my idea was that I take a look at a race car and it’s a weird car, and I’m thinking, ‘My God, I love that. Can I make it a little less weird for people?’ I made it as weird as you could possibly make a race car, and I made it sound like I’m really fond of racing a race car.’ ”

In that first episode of The Simpsons , Homer’s father, John, who has a race car of his own, tells his son about a friend of his, Bart, who has won a race car championship. Homer, having seen how Bart and others have taken on the championship, feels jealous, and in a “Homer at Large” episode, he sends Bart to buy racing records for a driver called “El Toro.” (“I have no idea who you were trying to tell me about,” Bart says. “You’re going to get us in hot water, dude.”) But El Toro wins the trophy. “So John tells Homer, ‘I made my son win a race car championship, and I’m not about to embarrass him,’ ” says Burns. “When Homer comes through, he’s got no respect whatsoever for John Bart, and what he’s done to him, and he’s also pissed off at the person who did it. So there’s some good tension. And he’s still proud of how he won. But he’s very angry with himself. So I thought it was about time for Homer to try and redeem himself, and try to be a better father to Bart.”

The Simpsons took this idea and ran with it. “When Homer drives out an old, beat-up race car by putting it in an elevator and turning the lights on — I was doing a voiceover for a cartoon that was airing — and he takes Bart with him — I thought, ‘Wow, if we get to that — he’s the new Bart Simpson!’ ” That episode also introduces a scene in the series that was never part of the original idea — Bart goes looking for his best friend Ned Flanders, who’s gone missing. The episode ends with the two friends, walking down a road together. “One of them’s kind of like

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