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It’s like painting a canvas in front of a painter, it takes years of meticulous planning and practice. I have a lot of fun drawing each car, however, and I have no problem with anyone drawing a white Ferrari or a Corvette in any style that they want. When you look around the factory and see your favourite cars, it gives you the feeling of standing on a small stage where every racing car from the 1950’s is in a display case. And now this show is in the future, so the only cars that will be missing are the ‘Bomber’ cars, or the ‘Spur’ cars, or the ‘Supercars’, but at least we have all of them, so don’t stop now. I’ve got to finish this show… I will finish this show. … The show ends for me at the very end, so there will never be a problem when I go to New Zealand with my two sons to visit for a week, I’ll have to finish the show and they won’t have to pay any taxes on my wages. I’m glad that people think that I have something special that is worth it, but I think we are all just ordinary people… But there is a thing that you’re just born with… A special kind of strength in you and a special way of driving… You see, when I was a teenager I was taught to drive, from a very young age. A lot of times I would do an entire straightaway, and it didn’t quite go quite properly – sometimes I would go a little bit too far, and you just have to go slow, and slow, and slow… and that was how I would learn how to do it. I also was taught to turn down into the Turn 1 corner (on the Autobahn), in order to improve the grip. And sometimes… I had this special thing, which maybe I didn’t know about, but I liked a bit. A little bit… And when you’re young, if you like a little bit too much, it can turn you off, but if you’ve learnt a bit too much, it can improve your driving. So you know to stay a little bit away from that if you like. [laughs] Well then, when I started driving, I had this feeling that if I drove just a little bit too far I would have to slow down… but I had to stay a little bit away… Now… What do you feel when you drive? It’s strange. It’s quite a pleasure to drive, I
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