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The most common way you draw your character is to just give him his name and a couple of facial characteristics. He seems like he belongs on page 1, right? However, as any character creator knows, it’s more challenging to draw someone whose main characteristics don’t come across. You don’t want to make something that just seems generic – it needs to be a person of interesting life and behavior.

Here are some other approaches we’ve noticed:

The name you give your character can have a variety of connotations. This is because you have to choose which connotations would be more likely to stick out, and which would have more staying power. Name-calling doesn’t work every time, though. You want to make sure that your character’s name has some unique connotations.

Character names and other identifying features can also be drawn very crudely. But try to keep it in line with the character’s personality and behavior. For example, someone is always calling their partner “Saul” (because Saul is a lawyer!) or “Johnny” (because Johnny is a comedian!) – it works well with the character’s personality.

Your character can include multiple features. For example, a woman might be covered in tattoos and have small hair. It would be difficult to draw a very detailed and detailed female face, and it might be easy to draw a very vague and undefined caricature of a woman. It’s really up to you to decide which features you think is relevant.

One other important thing to remember when drawing your character is that he always has something vital – he has a job or a job title. You should use the character’s job title as much as you can, but do make sure you also include the person’s family or personal history – this can help the reader understand something about the character.
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When should you draw a character’s face?

Most of the time you can draw your person’s face with little trouble. You can use a very sharp brush, make sure that nothing is missing – it will make the person look more convincing. It might be easy to tell that your man is tall by the way he draws his upper lips – though you can always make him shorter in later iterations if you want, for example. As you draw your character, remember that you don’t have to focus on the details of the face and lips – you can use a different character’s upper lip structure or lips shape to show the character’s mood.

If you draw your person

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