How do you draw a Mustang horse easy? – Car Drawings

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There are many reasons why that is, but here’s one…

My daughter recently asked me for a pony to play with.  She’s 11.  I don’t have much experience with her yet but from what I can tell she’s really just into the show ponies and ponies that fly.  So naturally I figured my son could help me by building her a pony.  I started with a few drawings and took some measurements.  I got pretty close but then I realized the horse could come in at 6″ long…not too big a problem since the pony will be only 6″.  I was hoping to make her a real riding horse, for a family gathering or to show as a gift for one of the kids.  I bought the horse I wanted, a white pony with yellow hair!  I then took the measurements of the pony and decided that she was too short and needed to be made to look even longer..for a pony.  I started on that, but then just wanted to add some armor because my son is a bit of a geek and loves the movie “X-Men”.  So I decided to make her a bit taller and made her taller than I imagined.  I added some scales on top and then decided to cut the front off.  I was going to buy a 1/8 scale model from my old shop for the piece, but that was out of my budget for the time I decided to go with this one.  I had already ordered the wings for the pony, but it was time to start on the legs…so I ordered some pieces from Hobby Lobby to make the legs and a few of the legs from the other shop.  Next step is to fill the space between the front and the wing with some leather. You need to buy about 1.5 pounds of leather for each side.  Make sure you purchase some that is a decent thickness.  After you have all of that you want to cut the legs apart and place it on the leather.
It took about 4 or 5 days for all of the pieces to get cut and the leg pieces to be lined up to fit in the middle of the horse.  The first three steps are simple, then you start to add the armor to it.  Now you add the wings.  You’ll end up using about 4-5 leather pieces and a few bits of foam to make these.  As far as the armor goes, don’t worry too much about the armor, it can be added

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