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It depends on the model, but let’s try to be a little simplistic because I’m no Mustang expert as I don’t have one, so I’m not going to offer a blueprint here. So I’ll just say to start with the hood.

It’s almost entirely black. There’s a little bit of light red on the front and the hood with the fenders. As with many other modern Mustang builds, the grille has been widened as the hood has been shaved off and the bumper has been lowered, so there is no need for a big gap. The nose end is about as good as it gets. At first, it looks a little odd in a Mustang because the front of the front fenders have been widened and the end of the fender. But just look at how much the side window lines up with the fenders and how it comes to the front door when you take off the top.

We need to look at the outside of the front wheel well and the rear quarter panel. The rear door is the most interesting part of the car as well.

You can see how the roof was dropped (or the hood is lifted or something like that) to allow access to the floor. In addition, the back of the floor was raised over the steering wheel. I’m glad I’m not a rear fender builder.

The door handle and glove box are covered nicely, but the door is open quite a bit compared to other modern Mustangs. It’s hard to see in a photo that the door is open, but take a closer look on this one and you’ll see it’s opened to the bottom and there’s some padding behind it. It’s a little hard to tell since it’s really close to the top of the dash and it has a gap around the edge.

The center armrest is really comfortable, but I can also see how its not really ideal. With this setup, I think the car would benefit from having a larger door that gives easy access to either the right or left side of the car. The headliner has a good amount of padding on it just like the inside of the headliner. The rear seat is a bit of a stretch as the front end of the car is a bit higher than the back seat, but I wouldn’t call it uncomfortable. The seats are padded and you’ll notice the headrests have a bit of padding on them.
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Now on the top of the hood, the black paint looks great. The stripes and

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