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My guess is that the first thing you’ll need to understand is that llamas are actually fairly intelligent, even though that intelligence is largely reserved to them as a breed. I’m sure some of the kids at your local public school probably could have done much better on math and science questions, so you could probably do a lot better yourself, which would make things easier for me! For instance, do you know whether “a line drawn on a sheet of paper” is a straight line or a squiggle that stretches out along a right-angled line? I hope you recognize that the letter a is in the middle. Because if you did not, I would not have asked you, and your math grade would probably not have been anywhere near as high as it was.

It’s important to understand that all animals can see in color, including us (see my article entitled “Aliens Can See in Natural Color” for more information). When someone makes assumptions based on your ability to correctly name a specific thing, they have a certain obligation to back up their assumptions with evidence. So I do hope you realize that many llamas that people might take as “lame” or “dumb” are in fact quite intelligent and intelligent animals that are being misunderstood and mistreated for their apparent stupidity and lack of intelligence. That is a shame. Even though this type of mistake is rare, it is still a very difficult problem to solve and it’s possible that most people who make such assumptions simply know more about the topic than they actually know – this would explain a lot. I just wish more educators knew a little bit more about the biology of lamas to make sure that they’re not making assumptions that they don’t really know.

I am also glad that you know about the difference between a llama being considered an animal and a lama being considered a pet when they are not used in the wild. An owl that is not wild-caught is considered an animal, or a member of the animal kingdom, while an owl that is wild-caught and used for hunting and entertainment is considered a pet. Even though some people are concerned about the wild-caught status of this type of lama, most llama-related people believe that wild-caught llamas are often actually more intelligent.

This is why it is very important to learn about the behavior and genetics of your animal. Not only do you need to know what their genetics are and what their behavior is, but you also need to know their current

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