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It means the child cannot be out, on the way to and from school, or somewhere for their physical protection.

When a llama walks down the street, it is a constant reminder that the lives that follow it, will, by necessity, be much smaller. Their days may be brief; their lives may be short, short.

I cannot tell you how many times I saw one of those llamas in one of those little plastic crates, not a thing I can imagine that those babies would want to have around their necks. And if I were to see one of those little plastic crates in their house, I’d wish them the most wonderful things: a nice blanket and a nice crib.

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But I am not saying that a good llama is the only type of llama one should have. Of course, they may not need the physical protection. Many just want to live in nature.

And in many other situations of the everyday world, they too may not need such treatment. And while they do need it, I suggest it is best to take a different approach. Perhaps in an effort to teach children to be sensitive, tolerant and respectful of the things that interest them, that it is ok for llamas to walk off their porches when there is no one else around, to walk through the gate on their own, or simply on their own two feet when they want to go for a walk – or in any circumstance where their life is about to go sideways.

But I do not see that as being a good thing. And, as a result of my experience, I am calling for greater awareness and responsibility, in the animal rights movement and with parents in general, in their actions towards llamas when it has little to do with the physical protection and well-being of the animals. This is a real struggle as we get older. We want to be involved in what is going on. That is why I have always said it is a challenge to talk it out of our heads. To keep doing it, because we really do care about animals and the world as a whole.

I can understand and respect the stance some young people take when they see a little pink baby baby doll, or a toy cow, which many feel is inappropriate or inappropriate for a child. But even a baby llama does not need to be subjected to ridicule. It may not be a suitable place for youngsters to look at their toys or play games. It may be something quite different from what is presented.

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