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What happens when they attack you on Halloween? Is it an animal? Is it something else?

I’m the guy who drew this, so… I don’t know.


[On the art for the new “Tales of the World: With Love & Darkness” visual novel]

Hiroki Miyaga: This is a new game! There is that old saying of “one-man band” and I thought “this is not what I was expecting.” It’d be better if the team was less divided into four and more united. In fact, if I hadn’t been asked to draw the game at all, I wouldn’t have been called. On the other hand, if the team were divided, I’d probably have been asked to take over as story director. There are a lot of things I don’t like about this work (laugh).

-The “Tales of the World: With Love & Darkness” series was very well received and made big impressions in Japan. Is it hard to do something so different?

Hiroki Miyaga: Since the game is completely new and it’s a new world, we’re always looking for all kinds of possibilities. At home, we work on stuff like “The Lord of the Rings” and now we’re working on “Star Wars.” But because we don’t have that kind of big budget, we do take our time. We’ve tried our best from the beginning.

[What is your background with illustrations and film]

Hiroki Miyaga: I graduated from film school. That was really hard when you think about it. But now, when I’m looking for jobs, I can find my dream job. I guess it’s all thanks to being an artist. If I had to do something else, I’d say I enjoy drawing.

-So the way you draw is something else, isn’t it? (laughs)

Hiroki Miyaga: That’s right. You see, I was always interested in painting, drawing, photography, all this. However, if I had to choose one kind of work, I’d probably rather work in a movie studio. If I could make lots of films every week, I can do something about it.


-I saw in one of your Twitter posts that you did do a concert. What did you do for that event?

Hiroki Miyaga: Right now, I’m

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