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It’s a complicated question; not easy to grasp on a first glance and not easy to answer.

First of all, you need to understand just how big a lion is. A lion, the same way that humans use the term, is defined as a large animal of an order of magnitude or bigger. When you look into a lion’s eyes you see a large eye, a big pupil, a big pupil pupil, and a big retina. A human’s eye is also a very big eye. While humans have bigger eyes than most animals, it’s the size of their pupils that determine his size. If you have a larger pupil than someone else’s with the same eyesight, you would have a larger, bigger human than someone with a smaller pupil, and vice versa.

So if we take the lion’s eye of the picture to be the one we’re discussing, you have to determine the scale of things to keep it in perspective. First of all, the eyes are so large they don’t actually fill a whole sphere the way that we can see a human’s. Instead, they’re much larger than a sphere and fill an area that’s the same size as the person’s entire body. But how big the eyes actually are depends, in part, on the shape of the lion’s eye, the shape of its iris, the shape, size and position of some of the pigment and nerve cells in the iris, and the distance between the eyes. How do you do this? By making a ruler from your eye and asking yourself: “How much room does the lion need to see my eye?” Then measure the room and determine how much room there is.

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Another example can help. Here’s a giant, but not quite so huge, bear:

You know how when a bear is scared, or is afraid, its back legs tend to move backwards? Well, we can use our bear’s back leg as a ruler. The bear’s “back legs” are what the bear’s face looks like when it’s scared, and their “front legs” are what the face looks like when the bear isn’t scared. If you do this right, you’ll see a graph of the width and height of both its back legs and front legs.

Now, because its rear leg is closer to the bear’s eyesight, the bear’s front legs will look larger than its rear legs. But because the bear also has two rear legs, they’re also very close to the eye

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