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The one you’re familiar with that’s in the book is this one that’s right up there with the Great Ape on the first page. I’ve got something similar going on here.

But even if you have nothing to draw, how about using these tools that aren’t just drawn!

So in order, go left to right, down to up.

Draw something for each page.

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The federal government has officially launched a new website to keep track of asylum seekers in Canada.

The Immigration website will be used to assist in screening applications for refugee status, and the government says it will also help identify the root causes of individuals’ claim to refugee status for the first time.

The new website is a part of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2015 which will go into effect on July 1, 2015.

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The website is similar to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, but will also provide information on the processing times for people applying for refugee status at this stage, as well help immigrants understand the asylum application process, including the types of documents Canadians will need to present when applying.

The government said those who are applying for refugee status should log-on to the website, and that anyone applying for permanent resident status will log-on to the website, as well.

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It will be up to Canadians to report to the website if they are arrested or detained, and report such incidents to the CBSA, in addition to providing information to law enforcement authorities.

The site will also provide information regarding how and where individual claimants are applying for and receiving medical treatment, and should be taken as an indication of the status of asylum seekers.

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Anyone in Canada claiming asylum should log off to the new website as soon as possible and turn on their tablet or mobile device to continue receiving all the important information.

If applicants miss a deadline and cannot log on at their home or work address, they will have to log into the website within 24 hours and can’t return to their address until they have logged in.

Asylum seekers are not allowed to visit their home on the grounds

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