How do you draw a Lamborghini?

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You put some Lamborghini logos on the side, I guess. We didn’t really want to try and draw one, but we could always try and take the Lambo and take it to its limits. So we went and got our Lamborghini and we looked at the Lambo in the past, and we saw some of the things that they are trying to change, and we put a bunch of Lamborghini logos on so that it feels like a Lamborghini. But the Lambo isn’t actually an actual Lamborghini. We tried to make it more like the Lambo was, and to some extent, they succeeded.

Did you go over the entire design of the Lamborghini again before committing to it? Did you find anything that seemed like good ideas?

Yeah, we actually had to re-do the front end, which was pretty different, and we re-wrote the side of the chassis. We had a lot more to clean up, and we were kind of a little more concerned with making it look like the Lamborghini should look like the Lamborghini should look, and to some degree, they did that, although we didn’t think the overall shape of the Lamborghini was so much different. But one of my favorite things to do is to kind of draw things out, take a drawing or a drawing tablet, and just do a lot of sketches, take a bunch of images like an illustration or even something that doesn’t look that interesting, take something like a drawing tablet, and just do sketches of things. You just try to break things down into components.

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How did you come to be part of the show at All Things Considered?

It was basically from a request from Brian Hooton. He was like, “I’m a fan of your show, and I would like your help, and I know you’re famous enough to have an audience who likes things that look a little different and like something different. My wife has a baby in three days, I really need a lot of help with our baby.”

I’ve been doing the shows for many years, and they make me feel pretty good. So that was my first reaction to thinking about being a part of it, to actually give it some of my own personality, my own twist. It was really cool. The other big thing that we were really proud of, and what was pretty special, is that they actually put all of the Lamborghini logos that we made into