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“I used to draw what I thought was a Lamborghini, before I started drawing more and more,” he says, “and I kept thinking… but I never drew the body!”

It’s easy to see why he made the transition to cars. Lamborghini has given him a way to express what he’d like to express in his drawings, a way to draw the cars that he loves, and an opportunity to draw the very same body that’s so full of personality.

And it’s a lot of fun! “The hardest part is having to draw the same body,” he adds, “every time! One of the main things I’m working on is developing the character of the car.
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“The most important thing is, with any character, is to be able to tell a story. So when I go to design an Audi or a Mini, they always do exactly what you ask for, but if I design it like a Lamborghini, then I start to think, ‘How can I make this character, which looks so completely different, work?’ You have to think in this way.

“To me, it’s important to have a very different character, that works in every car in every situation. That’s why I focus so much on one aspect: how to create that character. So if I think the car should look like a Lamborghini, then I draw it exactly like a Lamborghini, but I always keep the character of the car, which is why I get quite a lot of criticism from the fans of my work.”

“The people are great to work with,” he continues confidently, “but they think, ‘Where did you get this from?’ And I have to tell them that I was not born in Italy! I am a foreigner, but I grew up in Italy! I lived there myself for 2 years! I had to work with my parents. I have to tell them that it’s not me!”

You can check out some of his first Lamborghini drawings in the gallery after the jump. It’s fascinating to see how he’s incorporated details that most artists can’t pull off.

“So,” he says, “I wanted a Lamborghini of all colors, and I wanted it to feel a bit of everything. For me there are 3 main reasons for doing this, to be honest: the history of the car, the style of the car and the color of the glass.

“First of all

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