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“You start with the engine!” says the French car designer Jean-Claude Biver, who made a bold statement, that is still used as the driving force of the current Lamborghini Diablo sports car.
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Biver, who is a partner in Biver Design, was not looking to innovate but to create a machine that could rival the Ferrari F44, which was one of the most powerful road cars from 1955.

“The engine was the driving force of my designs,” says Biver, who wanted to put a focus on quality, performance, handling and fuel consumption. “A Lamborghini should be a high-performance sports car, an icon, a high-class tool for pleasure.

“We can call it the ‘prestige car’ if we wish, but a Lamborghini is more than that.

“The Lamborghini was an icon, a vehicle that was so important, its name stuck,” he continues. “It represented the status (of) a high-class car, a high-cost, luxurious, powerful, luxurious and a powerful sports car.”

The Diablo is now the most popular street car in the world, thanks partly to its heritage and its legendary driving sound.

“The sound of the Lamborghini Diablo’s four-cylinder engine is the perfect blend of power, performance, style and performance.” Says Biver.

The Lamborghini Diablo S, a roadster with a mid-mounted V12 engine, was unveiled ahead of the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix at Monaco Airport. It was the fourth roadster built by Lamborghini, the first being the Diablo in 1981.

Although a prototype car was shown at the 1982 New York Auto Show, it was not made available to the public.

Image caption Lamborghini has designed a new version of the Diablo S, which incorporates a more powerful engine and chassis

“It seemed to be too small, too fast and a bit too high speed,” says Jean-Pierre Biver, who designed the car. “But the public liked it and demanded more.

“Then I realised that a supercar needed to be bigger. But to change the engine, or to change the shape, you have to change the suspension. I saw the opportunity and I decided to make an even bigger car.”

There are different versions of the Diablo built, with either an aluminium or a stainless steel construction.

The Diablo RS, based on

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