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How do you draw her easy? And I was like, ‘Well, she looks like a woman.’ And his hands were like this… and I had some of these lines, and I was really happy because, like, it all made sense.”

At the time, Naughton was a college freshman. She was an actress and songwriter, and she was also having trouble keeping herself in costume. After she lost control over her life in high school, she found the “cool” thing to do was get paid to wear the same outfit every day, until it looked good. She wrote on her blog, “Life is an art form, like painting, music, architecture, comics. You draw it and you create it, and you make it yourself.” She wanted to become an art director, a role often filled by women of color, and she thought that acting would help her figure out how to be a woman in a field that does not allow for many.

“I was doing ‘Glee,’ ” Naughton remembers. “But that’s what I wanted to do at college. I was doing musical theatre. And if someone would have said, ‘Do this role for the next seven years,’ I would have done it.”

She took acting seriously, but not with the same fervor as other women I spoke to. “I didn’t even know what I was into. I kind of knew who I was. I guess I like my own company because it’s my own. And then I found out that the company wasn’t even very cool.”

While she was casting, she made no real effort to be a part of the casting process — something that would change later. “I had the audition with the white chick in the white coat,” she said. “And I didn’t know why I didn’t want to be there, and I was like, ‘Well, I have a part in the new stuff.’ But I just never thought to audition for any of that stuff again. I thought I was in the right class at the right time that the right teacher was there to help.”
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For years, she went out in a dress, in the white suit with the white hat, that she would wear whenever she filmed scenes or auditioned for roles that she knew did not belong to her. She thought she didn’t have to be there to help, but the truth was that it was hard to look as glamorous and smart as she did in the white coat.

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