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A very simple way to draw giraffe is to put some yellow on it and make the eyes look like that. In this case the yellow looks more like an eye. This is also the way we’ll see the giraffe in Disney’s movie, “The Adventures of Tintin”.

As the year is drawing to a close, it becomes clearer and clearer that the economic and geopolitical trends driving the US elections are going to be shaped to an appreciable degree by global geopolitics. The current situation in the Middle East is only a partial illustration of US-Russian interaction.

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This is perhaps unsurprising, as two of the world’s largest strategic powers — China and the US — have been in competition for power and influence for the last fifty years while the other two have yet to seriously confront each other. It should not be surprising, however, that geopolitical rivals would seek to exert influence within the political and economic domains of their respective countries. Indeed, one of the most interesting lessons from the Obama Administration’s engagement with the RMB and Russia in its engagement with Syria’s internal political and economic crisis is that the geopolitical tensions generated by the Assad regime and his foreign adversaries in Egypt, Iran, Libya and beyond are likely to impact a wider array of global issues related to democracy, human rights, terrorism and governance.

To that end, we now have some insight into the likely contours of US and Russian diplomatic exchanges as they involve each other’s political and economic interests within their home countries. In this sense, we can see that the Trump Administration and the Kremlin are increasingly aligned on specific issues around Syria as well as the role of economic sanctions in preventing President Assad from taking any more decisive steps to implement his 2014 agreement to relinquish all control of his chemical weapons and dismantle his stockpile of conventional weapons. Yet as President Obama noted, the Kremlin and the US have also made the same point: US sanctions aren’t going to be the answer to Russia’s political and economic woes, or their internal domestic ones. Thus we should not get too down on the Russian side at this time. The Trump Administration will continue to see Russia as a strategic partner and geopolitical foe on a range of matters, whether it’s in Syria, Ukraine, Iran and North Korea.

This is because the current conflict between the US and Russia was not only fueled by the rise of jihadist terrorism and the rise of authoritarian politics in the Arab world, but by regional geo-political factors. Russia (and to a lesser extent China) is a major power in

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