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How do you tell if a giraffe is happy?” (Milo)

“A giraffe’s eyes look like they’re staring off somewhere, and their neck is kind of hanging in the air. What do you do if you see giraffes?” (Aika)

“Giraffes are very interesting, because they look so human-like… They’re actually very much like humans when you see them… I know it’s really strange if a giraffe does a flip over. I hope you don’t notice, but they do do a big, huge, flapping and jumping back flip.” (Milo)

“When a giraffe gets scared, it starts to go into a semi-tame state. It doesn’t panic and run away immediately, but it’ll look at you a lot and start to wag its tail.” (Aika)
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“Giraffe’s eyes are really interesting. They look kind of like we might’ve seen in an art gallery when we’re young. They have really sharp pupils that are really easy to focus on. Even if you’ve got a camera up there, what do you do about them? The answer is basically that you can’t really focus on them. It seems like this kind of gaze is really easy to make the eye go into. A lot of times I do things like I put my phone in the front of my glasses or I’ll put my arm in the air as if I’m doing a flip over. I’ll have to look at the giraffe, watch it like a movie in the theater and I’ll be able to focus on it for a while. The reason I’m doing this is because I think it’s a really cool visual language when it comes to the face of the giraffe, it’s really interesting to create images.” (Milo)

[2:32] “When you see a giraffe for the first time, which I think is the most important thing… I see this really cute giraffe, and when I look at her they move around a lot, they’re really wiggling their little necks a lot but they’re very much looking at me. So I kind of put my hand down on the thing and I’m really surprised about how her body moves back and to my right. So I’ve got an understanding about what the giraffe is thinking at that moment, and I think what I need to do is just to get on the back of her neck and start running forward

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