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I try my hardest to find the right balance between the naturalistic approach and the abstract.

What are some of your inspirations?

There are many great artists and craftsmen of the past, and I always admire their creativity. Of course, I draw from their work, but also mine—I have a certain aesthetic in my mind about a certain kind of animal. Also, when I draw, I like to think about the animal, which gives me more ideas. Also, I think a lot about anatomy of a piece of meat: the way the muscle looks on the skin, or the proportions of the muscles, how they are placed.

Who did you model for?

Mostly with my wife. Then I’ve tried my hand at some models like Elle or Kate Moss.

What makes those women look so good?

It’s a matter of time. I get it; I’m not as good as them, but I like some of them, and I think their skin-tightness is very attractive.

Which clothes have inspired you the most?

I remember a girl who got me interested in clothes, especially those of the 1920s and 1930s. Of course, I think modern fashion is great, but there is certainly something about how the clothes are designed. Also, I’ve always had an interest in fashion in general, but particularly fashion during the Second World War—the way people looked, the art and style of dress.

What are some of your influences?

I have a fondness for American expressionistic art. Also, paintings. Art in general. My grandmother and great-aunt, for example, always painted landscapes and portraits of our family in the garden when I was small, so you see my passion for that aspect of art. When I first came across modern art, I was particularly fascinated by the work of the 19th century artists, who could create a whole world out of very small, very minimal elements. Also, American artists like John Ingalls (of The Last Picture Show fame) and Alexander Calder (the creator of the world’s first realistic plastic surgeon) in particular.

What about paintings from a century ago?

A girl who painted me once said, “You look like a young Leonardo da Vinci.” I’m fascinated by the old masterpieces and the period within those paintings. For example, I think Goya did a great job of representing the life of a queen, and other great artists

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