How do you draw a Ford logo? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro

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There’s plenty of imagery we all recognize, but I think one of the really striking things is the Ford family name. It’s a very well thought out, iconic image. From the front, they have the car’s “F” and the “F” comes to the front of the car, but by the side there’s a “4” where the “F” used to go. That “4” is actually the year and the model. Like the Caddy.

Is the emblem the same as the Ford badge?
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The emblem has a slight twist to it. It’s very slightly larger; on the sides, the letters are less pronounced, and maybe you could say they’re easier to write. That’s why I think they have a distinct, distinctive look. That’s been my favorite part of the logo, the big “4” that we talked about.

Why “4”?

The “4” was originally, I believe, going to read F, G or G2, but that would have been too big for the lettering. You could read it as C2. So, I chose a letter that I thought was a little closer to my own language, or to Ford’s, than another letter I’d used with all the other cars.

In the early days when you started, Ford was known as the “Papa Ford,” in that you had a very close relationship with your father. Who’s the one in the photo above that you were closest with?

Noah was always there. His wife was on the phone every day, making phone calls saying, “What’s up?” to me. He and his wife took a lot of photos, and I always thought the image of them was the one that was most interesting. At the time, the photo above had never been used by anybody, but we were always in a very close relationship and we’d stay up to see them.

How did you come up with the colors for the cars?

The colors were an amalgamation of the colors Ford had used in the late 1920s when they started putting together a production line. Then they switched it to the old white to black color, so it’s orange and blue. To help differentiate these from the older models, I used a combination of those colors. They were actually quite simple colors, which were inspired by the design of the model years we liked the most.

When these cars were first running, were they in color?

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