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“The first thing I was thinking about was a car engine that has the Ford badge and the letter F and the Ford logo in my hand,” he says. “I’m like, ‘what if that’s the first thing I do?’ And I thought about what it sounds like. I liked the idea of it kind of starting, ‘oh, I’m that guy’.”

How long has the tattoo been on your body?

“Fifteen years,” he says. “I got it a while ago. It was one of those days, I was kind of going nuts on Twitter about it. Then, a couple of weeks later, I saw another guy in the news. He just had the same tattoo. A guy was like, ‘oh, that’s the boy next door who drew that’. And I was like, ‘Oh, that’s the guy! My friend had a similar piece of artwork before me.’ That had kind of just started.”

And what do you think has made a difference?

“I think the tattoos have kind of helped,” he says. “I’m just like a big fan of what he’s got going on, so I kind of love that. And I think it’s kind of been a big part of it — I think people have seen him on TV and they think of a certain face. You go and see his work, and they might be a little surprised.”

Has there been pressure to please Ford?

“No, not really. I mean, everybody thinks they’re going to get into it or something, and it’s kind of like, no. If a bunch of kids that weren’t in his position get that artwork, they’re all doing something really stupid and the only reason someone would want to hang it is to maybe make the younger brother look worse.”

What’s the deal with a guy named Mike?

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“That’s a story for another day.”

How big can he get?

“Well, I can’t go up to the ceiling, but I’ve got like 13 tattoos now. It’s pretty insane.”

Will he have a tattoo of the Ford logo in the very near future? You should come see for yourself.

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