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A little too big to be a normal pony [2:05] [SpongeBob: I’d say a little bigger than your hand, but still, it would be easy enough] [Morty: Right, my hand is small and light] [SpongeBob: So the more the merrier, I guess? -laughs-] [2:06] You know what I’m really talking about? I think a lot of our jokes, like “What is the smallest animal ever? (Bubbles)” and, like, every time there’s anything like that, it just goes “Oh, my eyes look so big in the picture! So the smaller they are, the funnier the joke!” And then the more I look at the ponies in the comic, and I think, “Oh, they have to have eyes like that.” And they just look so tiny and they’re so cute, and they’re just so, so cute! And I think, like, it’s a lot harder because… “You must get your brain bigger.” [SpongeBob: Yeah. No, wait, I get my brain bigger than you, but still, I’m talking about your brain! -laughs-] [2:07] [Morty: Uh, no, I mean when we use their heads… like they have eyes and stuff like this [2:08] SpongeBob: Oh. You don’t even care about that, do you? You’re just talking about how they look. But yeah, I agree, the idea that the unicorn can’t see with her eyes in a big picture is just a joke! They have huge eyes. They can’t even see very well. I mean, they’re just… [2:11] SpongeBob: Oh, sorry. Maybe I don’t… that’s OK. [2:08] [SpongeBob: I just don’t get this idea that you like it, Morty. “The Unicorn’s eyes are so big they can’t see! It seems like you just want to say, ‘Ooh, just make her big in the picture.”] [2:11] [Morty: What? So the joke is that her eyes just don’t work in a big picture, but when they work in a small picture… well, then it’s just the funnier thing! SpongeBob: I see, I see. And they’re the most adorable ponies ever! [2:12] SpongeBob: Yeah! My
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