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A whale? A human?”

When asked he replied to the questions by saying, “What I’m trying to say is that I look at people and I want them to think about the dolphin,” or to “think about the dolphin and think about the human.” This is a different attitude, in this instance.

He continued, “I don’t want people to think about them from a dolphin’s perspective. I don’t want them to think about us as dolphins from a human’s perspective. What I’m trying to convey is that this is my view, my point of view, and I’m trying to try to make these people feel good about themselves as humans.”

The interview concluded with a call, “I don’t think all white dudes’ perspective is the same, but I think they’re all really, really good at their jobs and what they’re doing,” adding, “I don’t think my voice carries the same weight as theirs.”

Listen to the interview below.

By The Metric Maven

Bulldog Edition

I’ll start this piece by explaining the difference between mm and inches – in centimeters is inches, in centimeters inches… or whatever the metric system is and what I used for the article.

On the other hand there is often confusion between cm and inches. In this matter, the two are often confused with one another simply because of how they are used outside the United Kingdom.

In the UK, 1/10th mile is 1 mm and 1/12th mile is 1.01 mm. In other words, 1 mm equals 0.0135 inches or 0.05 inches, which is approximately the thickness of half a penny.

There is a similar problem with mm and inches: in the UK the UK and the US use the same metric system; this difference is often not made clear, as I’ll show shortly.

The Metric Maven’s Blog

In this section I want to touch on one of the most important topics of metric-related discussions, the relationship of centimeters and inches to the rest of the world. The relationship between centimeters and inches is crucial in all metric-based systems – in other words, they provide the exact same measure and measurement accuracy as the other systems to which they are compared. So when the measurement of “meters” in this column is compared to that in “inches” (or vice-versa), this is due directly to the metric system. For instance, a 0.35

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