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Just one thing: an eyeball. It’s always been that way, so it should have been a simple task.

There’s a new dolphin video game coming to Nintendo Switch. This one is called “Whale Whirl” and it lets players explore the wild sea for rare dolphins. You can even swim with them, which sounds pretty awesome.

For those of you wondering whether this is a good idea, I asked the dolphin experts at Dolphin Connection, to put the issue to Nintendo. Here’s what they came up with.

Why we’re here to answer you

For many readers here at Gizmodo, the last time we came to Japan was in January, when we visited Tokyo for a month. To prepare for the trip, we decided to learn how dolphins eat, what species live in Japan, and what a dolphin’s mind looks like. The trip went quite well, and we learned a lot about different species, dolphins’ minds, and the dolphins themselves.

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Now, back in New York City, we’re ready to head back to Japan. So for most of the last week, the goal has been that we’ll spend as much time as we’d like visiting places where New York dolphins live. We’ve even found a location that we can spend a lot of time. Now we’ll find out if it turns out to be the most comfortable place for a dolphin to relax while we see dolphins that live in the ocean all month.

Our last stop on our trip is the coastal city of Kyushu.

So now comes the hard part: finding a place where dolphins gather and swim all month long. There are a bunch of places we’ve heard about, and some that are rumored to be great places to observe dolphins.

In addition to Kyushu, we also considered a few places in Hokkaido in the north, and Osaka in the south. But we couldn’t figure out many that looked perfect for a dolphin vacation. It’s certainly true that we’ll need to choose from more places in the future, when we’ve found that we’ll want to return more often.

In fact, our next stop may not be our first choice. We think the dolphins from Kyushu and Osaka could really benefit from a visit to a different island that’s close to the coast of Japan. Maybe they’ll see a different type of dolphin at each stop.

Here’s what to expect if you make plans to check out any of these places on

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