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What’s a snake?

How many snakes in a barrel?

What is the “Homer Simpson Problem”?

What are the five stages of mourning?

What is a “Teddy bear?”

When I first became aware of Donald Trump’s name I thought that it would make an acceptable joke on a Facebook page. But the funnyman’s outrageous claims that he watched “vicious homosexual sex” with his son’s teacher, his suggestion that American Muslims might be planning to attack us in their thousands, his refusal to apologize to the families of the Navy SEALs who perished in the mission of Sept. 11, 2001, his repeated claims and expressions of admiration, including from his children, for Russian President Vladimir Putin—and the increasing likelihood that even our friends who have never met Donald Trump will become Trump supporters—make the Republican nominee’s behavior both disturbing and unbecoming, even by Republican standards. A candidate for president of the United States must be held to a higher standard than that.

The Trump campaign is aware of this. Earlier this week, the Trump campaign’s national finance chair, Steven Mnuchin, gave two reporters a call about “Trump’s penchant for making outlandish and incendiary statements.” Mnuchin added:

The following is based on a lecture given at the 2008 H.J. Heinz Lectures on Physics in the University of Munich , Germany. The full text is available on the site of the University of Vienna, Austria . It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and Public Domain. For the full text, a link to a free copy at that site is provided, as well as information about the lecture as well as some supplementary material and videos, which is listed in the table of contents.

The first question is really a question about the nature of causality.

A “cause” can be one of several different sorts:

Absence or absence of some object in any of these ways—for instance, a physical force or a certain process—is in itself a cause. For instance, the absence of the sun and the sky is a cause for the appearance of the sun. Likewise, the production of the sun during the day and the disappearance of the sun during the night and the disappearance of the moon during the day are causes for the appearance of the moon. However, both the sun and the moon are also caused by the sun and the earth; this is a different sort of cause.

Occurrence or occurrence of a thing

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