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The cows are drawn a few feet above the ground. When I created them I just stood back and let them run over everything.

What’s your favorite thing about cows? How big in animal is the cow? What kind of cow?

My favorite thing about cows is the feeling as they run across the field. It’s a little like a dream or a dream girl. They are so docile. I’m lucky enough to call one my “dream girl.”

Your website is fascinating and inspiring. Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in England and spent time in Sweden. I went to college at UC Santa Cruz. My interests span a bit from music and science to science, fantasy, and film. In the spring of 2011 I took a job at a very important journal, Science. I worked at one of the top schools in the world for a year and then moved to the United States where I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA.

An 18-year-old student at The University of Texas (UT) was shot in the leg on March 14 while sitting in a student parking lot, police said.

Austin police have arrested five people in connection with the shooting, but it was not immediately clear how they knew the victim or how involved their relationship to the victim was.

The suspect in custody is an 18-year-old boy named David Daniel Edwards of Austin. Police did not identify him. UT police identified them through a witness as two other suspects.

According to the criminal complaint against Edwards, Edwards told a UT police detective that he was “pounding his head” when the officer opened fire. The student’s injury was moderate, according to police.

The officer who was responding to the shots fired, however, had a firearm in his holster and fired, striking Edwards in the leg with his service weapon.

Edwards told police that he thought his friends had threatened him. He said the shooting was accidental.

Edwards was indicted by a grand jury last weekend on a charge of aggravated assault with intent to kill with a firearm. He will be back in court next month.

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The Austin American-Statesman reports that Edwards will remain on bail until next August.

UTPD Chief of Police Troy Riggs told NBC News that a grand jury will examine the evidence that led to the officer’s decision to use his firearm.

“It has become clear that our officers should be better equipped to be able to

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