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In an early article on car design, one of my first questions was whether a car could be drawn from the front. The short answer was, “No.” If I told you to draw the front of a car from the front, you would never even come close! Now, if you ask a real artist, they will draw the lines from the front. And there are many artists, such as the cartoonist Ralph Steadman, who were in a position to draw this car from the front, but did not know how. The artist can do this by using a technique called shadow drawing. The artist first draws the lines to make things easier – in the cartooning world, this is the easiest way of drawing the lines to the back of the vehicle. In the illustration, the line between the car and street and the car in the front. In a drawing done this way, you would get a nice line to the front of the car. This line isn’t necessarily going to appear on the front, but you do get the look or feel of the car from the front. If you want to show the rear of the car, you would go to the end of the line. Then you would draw the lines through it. This technique was used in a drawing done by the artist, Ralph Steadman, who would have the artist draw the line into the back of the car, as well as on the sides and back. You could draw this way in all sorts of ways, but most people prefer to stick to the lines drawn from the front and draw where you can see them. Most people who want to show the rear are going to do it from the front, whether they know it or not. In contrast, if you want to show the back of the car and show the back window, you do it from the rear. For example, the drawing from the front is:

Here are six pictures of the same car:

Here is another illustration from the same car:

You could draw this car this way:

Notice that the line connecting the front of the car and the side windows is still the same as in the drawing from the front. But a drawing done this way shows that the interior of the car looks a bit different. It is a little bit bigger. This is a technique that is called ‘realism’, and it has many advantages. The front of a car is much easier to draw than the rear. If you draw a drawing from the side, you can draw a line that is straight

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