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Do you look at photos of actual cars or do you draw it on paper?

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We’ve heard about how Donald Trump’s recent statements about illegal immigration could lead to widespread deportations. Now we have to be sure whether he’s actually thinking of it that way.

According to a report released by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Trump’s recent remarks about illegal immigration may have led to increased deportations for unauthorized immigrants without criminal records, as well as the closure of the U.S. Border Patrol’s headquarters in El Paso.


At the Republican National Convention in July, Trump praised the recent actions of his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and threatened to force Mexico to send criminals to him.

Trump and his team had used that language before. When the border was closed to non-Mexican citizens in 2013, many people feared that it would lead to Mexico sending criminals back onto U.S. soil. When the Border Patrol had previously reported that it has had to pay for the salaries of unauthorized immigrants who worked through the Border Patrol, it meant that millions were being forced out of the country.

Trump also criticized those who have criticized his comments about immigration, particularly as to whether he would like to have his supporters arrest undocumented immigrants, a common move that has been used by both Democrats and Republicans.

“We have to be very strong on the southern border. We have a serious problem with illegal immigration. It happens,” Trump said just before the 2012 election, adding, “I would go after the ‘illegals.’ We have to take care of our borders.” When the Republicans took control of congress, Trump said he wanted to round up undocumented immigrants so they could “pay back” the money they were previously paying, saying, “Some are nice people.”

At that time, Trump even said that people entering the country without documents, if they did so from outside, should be jailed so they would have no chance at citizenship later on.

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In response to that comment, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) — who later revealed that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer in 2006 — said, “I think Mr. Trump made a stupid statement. It will make it very difficult for him to be president of the United States.”

However, if Trump is going to enforce the laws that require him to secure the border, then it seems likely that he will also have some very dangerous people on his side

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