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That’s easy: you draw a bus with a bus.

But the real test is who can walk on a bus without falling. We’ve seen them get away with it so often we start to get suspicious.

Last week, we saw the story of David Sillitoe, who in 2009 tried to pull it off with ease (it was a video clip from back in 2007).

Next time you’re on a bus, pay attention to what happens next. If there are three or four bus-riding guys sitting on the seat next to you, look in their direction. If that doesn’t work, maybe there’s one or two riders from some group they’re trying to impress or outsmart. If you hear a commotion, look up and around.

Don’t let anyone sit on the aisle seat. It’s always a good idea to leave the aisle seat empty when you arrive at the last stop of your trip.

If someone falls on a bus, don’t panic – do something first. Some people actually try to help someone in need, often without thinking about the dangers involved. In 2010, for example, one woman who’d fallen down the aisle in front of her kids pulled her little one off the seat, got him out on her lap, and put one arm on his shoulders. The passengers saw it all and applauded.

Sometimes, people just want to let them rip – and we’ve seen this play out a lot in the news recently. Some guys were going through a “mosh pit” at the same station, just making fun of everyone else. If someone takes offense, he should just leave the area.

But it’s important to do your homework. Read the signs, know your destination, and be aware of your surroundings – especially if you’re the one trying to climb aboard.

And once you do get on the bus, the worst thing about it is that you’re never going to get off.

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