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One of the simplest ways would be to draw a black cat, using the following three-dimensional technique. The cat itself is defined as a three-dimensional object which contains both solid and liquid. To illustrate this, let’s suppose that you have two white cubes which are placed side-by-side in a corner and you’re going to draw a black cat. The first picture shows the cat’s left end. You’ll notice that it’s surrounded by two solid cubes; on its left, there is a solid cube which is also marked by the circle – these are the three points (and three lines) we’ll use to define the cat’s head, torso and tail.

The cat, after placing its head, front and back, on the first black cube we’ve drawn inside the first circle, will look like this.

The second picture is the cat in a similar way, but this time we’re trying to draw the head on its own, using the next three points (three lines) to define the head-body. A cat’s body will look like this.

Now all we need to do is to place our black cube on the cat to define its tail. The cat body will be left-center.

Note that the cat’s body is solid, and that the red dot on the upper left of the picture corresponds to its right hand. This is to show that the cat has two lines attached to its body, and the red dot is the one between the two lines.

Draw another cat using this technique. This time the cat’s body is solid, although its head and tail are liquid. The cat’s head will have one solid and two liquid lines (that’s right!).

Finally, the cat’s tail will have one solid and two liquid lines (right!).

There are three important aspects to this technique; the first: the red dot shows the intersection of the two lines at the top of the image for the red dot to follow. The second: for the orange dot to appear, all four points (or lines) have to be touching at the end of the cat – if you do that, the red circle will not appear. The picture below shows the result of changing this rule.

The red circle will remain in a fixed position at the end of the cat.

The third: all the points (or lines) on the cat’s body have to be touching at the beginning of the black dot.

The reason behind this

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