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Shakira belly dance is named after her dancer, Zuzana Shakira, who was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. She danced with the famed ballet company in Russia. They wanted to dance as a group for their dance-off performance, and for that we have Shakira belly dance. A beautiful, passionate, spontaneous, joyful dance, with a lot of energy.

What is her most famous song, “Zuljana”?

“Zuljana” is a song by Shakira, in order to be a more modern song. She wrote the lyrics and sang those lyrics for a big number of American and Russian music. It has become famous in the world, especially for the American, European and Russian music fan, it became a huge success.

When did she first dance ballet?

This is unknown information about her.

Why is she famous?

There are many things that people are interested in, especially for the most amazing women.

Why did she start her career in Moscow before becoming famous?

She is famous for the great performances she has made in the “Rapport de Musique” in Moscow.

What are the most famous pieces for her?

“Ouverture” and “Mira”.

What songs are she known to have sung?

In the world all dancers can sing a song. The people think that the most famous women have sung a song. Shakira sings “Zuljana”.

When did she perform in Paris?

She first performed there in 1987 when the “Rapport de Musique” was in France.

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Why is she a “rock star” in Russia?

It is true that she has gained her fame due to her dance performances.

Why did she leave Russia and return to the USA in 1991?

She has returned to the USA in 1991 to make an appearance for an exhibition with a new dance for the performance of a “Rapport de Musique” in France and to perform “Zuljana”.

Did she visit other countries?

No. She left Russia and returned to the USA to be a professional dancer.

The other important point: All this has been done without her knowledge, in good times and bad.

Did she dance with the famous and talented dancers?

No, not when she performed in Russia in 1987.

How many times was

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