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Breakdancing was developed by a young, unknown, American DJ in the late 1960s. He later sold the first company for a mere $100 and began recording the earliest breakdancers in an underground club. His name was DJ Kool-Aid, and he began playing live DJ sets in Chicago’s Soho district around 1968. A year later, he made his first appearance on Chicago’s “Weekend Session” TV series.

Kool-Aid’s early breakdancing tracks played at the top of the charts and became an overnight hit, as did many of his subsequent releases. Kool-Aid, who had no official musical training or experience, became perhaps the most popular DJ in America, and his live and recorded DJ sets were broadcasted across America, Europe, and Asia.

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Born William Kool-Aid on May 31, 1936, in New York City to Polish immigrants, Kool-Aid became known as the first “breakdancer” and helped popularize the term “break dance” in the United States, where many DJs, such as the late Jack McDevitt, DJ Chuck Berry, and others, began using the term “bend-and-bounce” to describe the style he helped popularize. Kool-Aid’s first performances took place in a New York City nightclub owned by Harry Cohn, a popular Chicago DJ. Cohn, a young, hip, and successful DJ, encouraged Kool-Aid’s popularity even before his appearance on the show.

What do you call the dancing that takes place in the space between the legs?

Well, it’s called the dance floor. I don’t know. There’s that word “balkaball,” you know?

What do you call the music that you do in front of the audience that has a specific sound?

No. You know what I call it when people come up to me at a show and say, “Man, I love your music.” It’s called “break dancing.” I just love it. If you listen to it, in my opinion, you can tell the difference; you can tell the difference between the music and the people playing it. I mean, listen to “Mighty Mighty Bosstones.” I think it’s amazing. But no, I call it “break dancing.”

What kind of music does you play with? It’s such a specific style

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