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If you’re looking for something to give your stomach a workout, the United States is probably your best bet. Other popular places include Japan, Australia, France, Germany and Ireland. The United Kingdom would also work if that’s your thing. Even more popular is the Dominican Republic.

Most people know what belly dance is, but not many know what it involves. We asked a few experts for their tips on belly dancing, and here’s what we learned:

How does belly dance differ from the “traditional” belly dance?

Belly dancing has morphed throughout generations, but the “traditional” belly dance, known as the pumba, has not. “Pumba” means little ball and is a way to dance around. That traditional variation in which the hips are pointed at each other is known as “chicanery,” which translates from Spanish to “tricks of deception.”

Most belly dancers today use props other than the hips, like bikinis, to enhance the performance. The “old method” of belly dancing used to be called “ballet belly dancing.”

Does belly dancing make you hungry?

No. You are not a starving animal; when you dance you are actually not eating. Some belly dancers use the props of hip-swiveling as a form of self-care.

How does belly dancing change the body?

Belly dancing is similar to how it would change the physical form of an individual, if she was to exercise for more than a couple of hours a day. The body adapts itself to the body being moved and the body adapts to the body being turned over. A person can go from a very plump to a very flat back by simply changing her position over time.

There’s no particular diet for belly dancing. For most people, “the best way” to perform is to stay comfortable. When you are at your most vulnerable and out of breath, you make yourself a perfect mirror. Most belly dancers learn to have a small mirror so they don’t see themselves as they don’t want them to see them. Others try to create a “magical” mirror-image of them on the dance floor.

Does belly dancing make women more attractive?
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In general, no. However, if you have been a “traditional” or “chicanery” belly dancer you might have noticed a shift in your body as you’ve gained weight. Many of the girls that started at 6 feet

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