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Belly dancing is often a dance developed by European slaves for African Americans to promote their skin. The women of the slave class wore pants and tights underneath their clothing, and the men wore britches which provided a better support to their legs.

African Americans have since changed and learned that in their dance moves a slave’s legs were placed forward on his shoulders. The dancing moves were designed to encourage the black women to bend over and have their legs spread more, and to encourage the large black man to take up more space.

It has also been said that the practice of belly dancing developed specifically in order to show black women that they were more worthy of the freedom that they were about to enjoy.

Does belly dancing have a sexual connotation?

No. It is a common and widely accepted dance as a way for black women to express their dignity.

How is belly dancing viewed by the African American community?
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Belly dancing is still in common usage across many segments of the African American community, though there are some differences. For instance, in some parts of the African American community the word is used to describe various African and African American folk dances including, belly dance, hip hop dance, and karaoke. In other areas the word belly dance can refer to the practice of black women taking up less space in an effort to move in a hip hop-style.

What are the cultural meanings of belly dancing?

The most obvious cultural meaning of belly dancing is as a form of social interaction. There are many other reasons to dance. It can be a way to show pride, love, and show off one’s femininity to one’s loved ones. It is also a way to express how black women feel about their bodies, to express themselves in a more traditional way, or simply to show that you are ready to please the man or husband that you have been faithful to.

How is belly dancing considered culturally diverse?

Belly dancing is most prevalent in the South and the South East. It is even considered the African American equivalent of Black Magic. Some parts of the Midwest and West Coast have it as well.

Are there benefits to using belly dancing?

There are many benefits to using belly dancing. It allows black women to show off their skin and show off their femininity in ways that are not traditional. It can also encourage an interest in performing arts in the hopes of gaining some kind of compensation or income from it. It is

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